This blog post assumes you’ve already installed Cypress, understand react jargons, and state management mechanism. Now, if you are a person who does not like reading, let me be your Heimdal, and open the portal to the source code.

No demo has ever been successful without the mighty ToDoList app. Don’t blame me, I have developer superstitions.

The app is fairly simple and comprises of basic components — a <Form/> component to receive user input, a <List/> component to display the user input and a task <ListCounter/> component to show real-time tasks in hand. …

Shift-left testing is an approach to software and system testing in which testing is performed sooner in the software development life cycle. Debugging is often a case of finding a needle in a haystack. The smaller the haystack (the code you’re looking through) the easier it is to find the needle (or bug). Testing continuously and early in a confined scope ensures the epigram.

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Why do we want to shift left in quality?

  • To develop a cost-effective faster feedback loop for the developers to catch impactful bugs early in the lifecycle.
  • To enable the organization to release faster with quality standards intact.
  • To enable teams to fail fast and…

A Google Cloud Function is a Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) which runs with zero server management. What serverless really means is that as a developer, you can write and deploy code without the hassle of managing the underlying infrastructure. Instead of running an over-provisioned server infrastructure, you’re just running a piece of code. Yeah, we are really living in the future now!

In an agile development environment, small teams work autonomously and add a lot of churn to the codebase. Each developer works on different aspects of the project and commits code frequently. This is a healthy practice, but to minimize manual…

Do you think mocking your GraphQL backend is always a tedious task? Fasten your seat belts, I am gonna change your mind.

Mocking is the practice of creating a fake version of a component so that you can develop and test other parts of your application independently. The strongly-typed nature of a GraphQL API lends itself extremely well to mocking. This is an important part of a GraphQL-First development process.

Mocking backends has been hard due to the traditional reason: there is no standard REST API description in machine-consumable format. But, GraphQL makes mocking easy, because every GraphQL backend comes…

Playwright is a Node library to automate Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit with a single API. As Playwright has already reached its stable version, it is a high time to re-think the possibilities of introducing it in your end-to-end test automation journey. Talking about automation, quite often you need to detect the browser and OS settings on the go to handle different logics for different browser settings. Let’s see how you can detect the settings run time.

Basically you need to fetch userAgent information from the executor machine.

ua-parser-js is a JavaScript-based User-Agent string parser. …

If you are reading this article, you have already chosen Testcafe as your partner in crime (I mean Tests ^^). And why wouldn't you? TestCafe has significant speed of execution, easy setup mechanism, node eco-system, and most importantly no dependency on the web drivers.

Now, you want to dockerize your tests easily and execute them every time dev push some code to the repository. Tell your friend to hold your beer, we are getting started.

Wait, we have a checklist

You need to double-check your system dependencies before we start our journey.

  • Of course, you have to install Docker. Installation is dead easy. …

ReactJS, no doubt, is the most popular web development library. ReactJS provided the solution that developers were looking for. It uses JSX (a unique syntax that allows HTML quotes as well as HTML tag syntax application for rendering specific subcomponents).

Part of this huge popularity comes from the fact that top corporations such as Facebook, PayPal, Uber, Instagram, and Airbnb use it to solve user interface related issues. This credibility has drawn a lot of people to the framework.

If you are a React Developer, you already know what are the key pillars of React. But, if you are a…

If you are reading this article, Congrats! you already know the pain of running a single scenario/feature in CucumberJS.

When you run your whole test suite in the pipeline, you might not be worried much. But, when you develop your automation suite test by test, you may want to run a single scenario or single feature file just to check whether the code is working. Let’s just find out what are the native CucumberJS options available to run a single scenario.

It is very true that not all of us a CLI experts. Testers always love an impulsive way…

Automation is definitely a buzzing word in today’s software development and testing life cycle. The software industry has been shifting to Agile rapidly and accelerating the “shifting left” concept using well-defined DevOps culture. Waterfall model (where testing has been done at the end of the delivery cycle) is breathing it’s last. Testing needs to be accomplished as soon as possible to ensure the stability of the product automatically, i.e, without any manual intervention.

Long gone those days where a manual tester validates the same functionality in five different browsers where one can simply run a single script that can simultaneously…

Admit It! You have done this mistake once… :P

BDD is a persona-based product development methodology. BDD always encourages the development team to identify how real users (human) would interact with the system. BDD is really helpful to provide a common vision to the team. Product owners basically narrow down the business needs to a human-readable language, called Gherkin. This is a plain English format where every acceptance criteria (behavior) is defined by a set of keywords, Give-When-Then.

So, That sounds fun and easy. But, in large-scaled teams, it’s always a challenge to maintain Gherkin feature files. Poorly written feature files can quickly turn into a nightmare of the…

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